There is version you can find out from different sources saying that group The Morningside exists from the very beginning of the world. That its drummer being husband declining years old drummed fervently during the first Azov campaign of Peter the Great. It may well be.

Nevertheless history of group these web-pages are devoted to, started from May 2005. That time Igor Nikitin stopped his active work in the frameworks of britpop project Piterpen and decided to alter and finish something from his heavy-metal record of 1993-94. That was accomplished unhurriedly with support of bas-guitarist Ilya Egorychev. "The Shadows Of The Past" was recorded in the beginning of 2006 unhurriedly as well after that the work under debut album was started.

By that time guitarist Sergey Chelyadinov joined the project, and a little bit later in summer 2006 drummer Vlad Zaychikov joined as well. So The Morningside initially was established as a studio project became the full group and began its rehearsals.

In the beginning 2007 Vlad left the team because of high workload in other bands. So his place was taken by inimitable Boris Sergeev. So composed, the team exists to present day works on new records and continues performing regularly in Moscow and other Russian cities.


"The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past" — 2007

It is the debut band album. In fact, it is the result of chain of coincidences that led us to what we have right now. The fortuitous gathering with friend, standard record of old songs from the middle of 1990-s, random images are pictures of Izmailovskiy park (Moscow) that decorated the album token by Igor and his wife.

"Moving Crosscurrent Of Time" — 2009

The second album was created under inspiration of novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury. This is peculiar story about “autumn people” transformed into music.

All songs are written by Igor and Sergey in a very short period of time. The special gratitude for the participation in this record creation should be expressed to Yuriy Ilyn for his great piano conclusion to the song «The Outcome», and for Sergey’s friend Nikolay Gorbunov (photographer) for the fabulous pictures that he allowed to use for the disk decoration.

"TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not)" Single — 2011

Meanwhile, this is the only band single. Expended «The Trees» track version from the debut album is brought near to the original of 1993 that was 40-minutes track length.

According to the band opinion, record has received less attention than it deserves. From bands’ point of view it is absolutely fulfilling solid work.

"Letters From The Empty Towns" — 2014

This is the most expected and the hardest-formatted of record and sound albums

The Band postponed release several times in order to prepare all details. And musicians had finally received what they want to hear in all respects.

It is highly recommended to listening.
Band about the album: "We have just finished our fourth album The Morningside — Letters From The Empty Towns. Song creation sounds, mixing, mastering and even decoration is the result of our painstaking and complicated team work that took a lot of efforts from each project member.

Letters From The Empty Towns is peculiar “return to the beginnings”. Stepping aside from our typical slightly mournful sound, at this album we did our best to reach old good thrash metal of 90-s. What is the result — you should appreciate or should not appreciate it. As for us listening to the album we decided that currently this is the best work that we performed.

Interesting fact: Letters From The Empty Towns is the fourth album but where is the third one? It appeared that we are still working on the third record, and will whisper you that it will sound even better. This is still our future plan, and now enjoy the new music!"

"Yellow" — 2016

The new long-awaited album by the Moscow melancholiacs surprises again.

After the previous explosive album crafted in the spirit of melodic / progressive death metal and raised the stir among fans of the band, the musicians once again changed their style.

On the one hand, there is a return to the style of the second full-length album, «Moving Crosscurrent Of Time», and on the other, the influence of progressive rock and post rock in their purest form became more noticeable. This unusual combination, while maintaining the unique sound and atmosphere of The Morningside, gives birth to «Yellow» – a new chapter, a new journey. The special atmosphere of the album is made by a concept indirectly associated with the novel by Kurt Vonnegut “Slaughterhouse-Five”. Character «Yellow», akin Vonnegut character wanders through time and the yellow tram from the album cover takes him, along with the audience, to a journey, inviting listeners to share it with The Morningside.

First 30 copies signed by the band members!