Igor Nikitin: “I was lucky to meet Boris later than other band members. In fact, this is really good, because I have no brain at all but by present moment I got used to hide it, before that time, I guess, only Ilya could stand me. Then I became calmer and composed. Boris, do you realize how bad I was before? Awful, just a nightmare. And it is great that you’ve met me after!

That time we had contacted via email about renting small rehearsal room for couple hours. Then Polina and I came to metro station “Kurskaya” where we met Boris and went to that rehearsal place. After that everything was loud, great, fundamental and quite cool, it appeared that eventually Boris accepted us as a band but not that we took him to our group. And it is good, because if he didn’t take us, then it would have been worse. Nevertheless, it is as it is and it is pretty logical. I mean, in fact, everything is good right now.

And Boris is not only a great drummer, also he is a wonderful story-teller. I listen to his stories with great pleasure and it doesn’t matter how many times I have heard before. In order not to upset everybody, I will admit that all of you, my friends, are very wonderful story-tellers, and I am as well; but Boris is the leader among us. I guess so.

The most important thing about him is that he is the best drummer I have ever played with. And, please, don’t let him pay any attention to my behavior (sometimes very disgusting). I don’t do that seriously, just do it for no particular reason”.

Ilya Egorychev: “I don’t remember the exact date meeting Boris, probably it was the test rehearsal and it might be later… But the fact remains that he became a constant part of my life very easily and very quickly as if he was somewhere here from the very beginning.

A great drummer (from the capital letter “D”), to whom I am not afraid to turn my back on the stage to, playing with whom relaxes and make you enjoy playing. Charming showman becomes so enthusiastic about this process that from time to time he forgets about his main duty of counting. The best friend, who is always ready to help. Ideas accelerator and the inexhaustible story-teller, some of them which can be repeated several times, but that doesn’t make them sound less funny. He is dangerous in anger but it doesn’t last for a long time. He possesses very valuable quality to stand my insufferable prolixity and, to tell you the truth I do use it very frequently.

And, plus, when we play on tour he mostly has delicious home-cooked meals”.

Sergey Chelyadinov: «Boris is an unexhausted source of jokes and very funny, interesting and instructive stories. Despite the fact that for the 7 years his joke stock went out of the budget, there is a chance to hear something new from him every time I meet him.

The day Boris joined us was crucial. Particularly from that moment we became The Morningside in real, as for me I lost 30% of hearing, because he plays very loudly. On the other hand, I don’t hear a lot of things that I don’t want to. So thank you, Boris! Also this kind soul possesses a very pleasing quality — he likes almost the same things in music that I do, which says a lot about his exclusive taste, am I right?

Besides he is a talented drummer (also guitarist and vocalist), Boris is personification of enthusiasm and self-restrained optimism. But if he is in a really bad mood, you’d better run. Despite of his mood you can always rely on him almost in everything. The only thing that you cannot get from him is silence: either he is drumming, either he is talking, either he is knocking by his feet. Or he is snoring if he falls asleep. All these things are very irritating, It is absolutely impossible to focus when he is around.
Real bogeyman”.