Boris Sergeev: “Igor! This guy made impossible things! He made me put up with scream-vocal that I don’t even consider as vocal. He made me listening to the music that I hated! And sometimes I even like it! For my whole life I have never played anything harder than hard-rock, he taught me to play heavy-metal! This kind and intelligent man can rouse to fury in 5 minutes, no, in 5 seconds!

There are no limits for his talent! Any music from pop-rock to crazy techno-trash-death can be played by him! When he has nothing to read he records brilliant post-modern prose, if you need Russian texts for the song he can do it easily! I want to kill this guy more often than my own wife! But if casual acquaintanceship didn’t happen, then my life would have been different and I wouldn’t say that it would be more colorful!”

Ilya Egorychev: “Igor is Igor! He is genius in everything starting from composing and music performing almost in all styles, texts, prose till interesting fairy-tails with his participation. There is Yin and Yang in one bottle that is why you will never be bored with him! He is a master in guitar playing and vocal singing, makes amazing songs and arrangements. Brutal static character on the stage. Passion for making gain and volume. In anger he is extremely unpleasant, loud and categorical though he is easily appeased. He is Master of cunning exchange combinations, but from time to time he is pretty naive as a child. He is a nice and kind guy, great story-teller; for the 15 years of our friendship he hasn’t stopped surprising us with new fabulous stories from his life experience.

For these years there were a lot of good and not so good things, but the point is not my patience and calmness; just we were tighten together with very strong friend relationships with music; let it be as it is! Also when we go to a tour and everybody eats everything, you can always find something tasty in Igor’s storage”.

Sergey Chelyadinov: “Igor is our everything. Sometimes there is too much of him, this everything is everywhere. Or on the contrary, you cannot find him. He has unique ability to hide from radar in the most inopportune moment. Then he appears, and everybody has a feeling that this is rather our fault him being disappeared, than his own one. And if he says that he is supposed to be blamed, then for sure this is your fault and Igor is just an innocent victim. He strongly resembles a child by this. And what are the happiest components of our life? Of course, this are children. Especially, talented one. To be exact, no doubts Igor is one of them. I don’t know how he does, what he does but we refuse only one tenth of the proposed music. Maybe even less. Although, you can cover it with our promiscuity and undemanding. Who do you think want to upset a prodigy?

Once Igor impressed me with being a quick learner, how quickly he learnt to play the guitar, then drums and bas-guitar; then organized home sound studio and started recording different kind of music by himself! By the way the quality was pretty good under this “field” conditions. And it should be noticed, that his approach to the compositions and arrangements was absolutely matured in his 18-20 years old.

In addition to all of these undoubted advantages, Igor is surprisingly kind and gentle person, especially when he is drunk. Generally, he becomes especially kind. And the rest time he is kind, just kind.

As Ilya and Boris Igor is my close friend and is one of the main foundations that hold my modest world.

And for sure, Igor annoys everyone a lot. Sometimes it is impossible to bear him. Especially if he makes faces when he tries to find the “right” sound in the depths of his amplifier.

I cannot stand him like this”.