Igor Nikitin: “Sergey and I studied in the same secondary school; we were classmates for a short time. Indeed I still don’t understand him pretty well even that long time ago we didn’t communicate a lot with each other; sometimes we’d met in a WC or at the roof where we could smoke or, for example, drink a little bit. But then I was expelled and he stayed there. It appeared that I irritated everybody there but not Chelyadinov. Even at those school days he was pretty calm and nice person, comparing to me. I can clearly remember that. That is why when I had met him after many years I invited him to join our band and participate in our pretty difficult project by playing different types of music on the guitar.

I cannot say that we didn’t meet after graduation. In fact we even tried to play something together but it didn’t work out. But then he disappeared. In the end, it came the way it is right now. And it is good. I wish he wouldn’t be very mad at me about playing various kinds of stuff from time to time. I try to avoid it, but not always it comes the way I want. It seems to me that Sergey is mad about me more than others. I got used to it. However, I am trying to reform and stop making them mad at me. It will be better, because the process of solo creation and text writing, in respect to the beauty of the solo should not be spoiled by idiotic behavior of the band member. There are a lot of reasons for the gloominess and I don’t want to be an addition to this list. Ok, I’ll try to become better”.

Boris Sergeev: “I lived a long life, though the most important thing is that I remember a lot! But I cannot remember any guitarist who could make composition of the guitar part with such incredible tunefulness as Sergey did! To tell you the truth, from time to time I have to drum loudly to cover his surprising “point improvisations” in unparalleled tunes; he does it from all his feeling and the off-scale emotions!

There are only few of us, who knows about his poetical talent. And we are talking not only about song texts that, in fact, are the full English poems, but about his great parodies, for those he is very well known in the internet!”

Ilya Egorychev: “Sergey Chelyadinov looks calm, from time to time smiles, sphinxily with mysterious sparks in his eyes. That is the way I remember him from our first meeting in the beginning of 2000-s on the rehearsals of joined britpop project with Igor. Only when we became The Morningside, I had an opportunity to know Sergey better and now I am proud of having such a precious friend! Though he remains calm outwardly, he appeared to have pretty explosive temperament and artist nature with guitar and riff-solo, poetical talent, fountain of ideas for articles, introduction videos etc.

As far as I remember he is the only person who doesn’t need my advice upon the solo composing. All solos are to the point and touch the hearts. On the stage he used to be effectively static, as for now he surprises me with his spontaneous and episodic pas. He is very dangerous in anger and cools longer than Boris does. After 7 years of our friendship I see him as a man who has tenacious mind, sharp tongue, is incredibly kindhearted, he is always ready to listen to you, to understand you and to help you.

Also when we go to the tour he always has special delicious BonAqua”.